The International Trends and Services facet, established in 1978, provides services and delivers transformational programs to people of African ancestry globally so that they may have a better quality of life. Programs are designed and developed to service educational, health and cultural needs and to help people emerge from poverty. A primary objective of our international work is to enrich the lives of women and their families.

Student Experiences and Community Engagement Activities

  • Donations of school supplies to the St. John’s Episcopal School in Africa.
  • Presentation by Dr. Christiana Nwachukwu about the global impact of HIV/AIDS, in Africa and in the African American and Hispanic communities in the United States.
  • Students annually attend the Remember Slavery Global videoconference held at the United Nations.
  • A workshop was provided on linking youth to global leadership, careers and service. Topics covered were having a vision, discovering and developing interests, identifying leadership skills and our world’s sustainable development goals for leadership.