Greetings Link Sisters, Family, Friends and Community Partners

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our 70th Anniversary Celebration at our biennial Holly Ball. We are honored that you have chosen to spend this evening with us as we celebrate 70 years of friendship and service. 

Seven civic minded, well-connected women, who were linked through friendship, saw potential in the ideas of our two founding members. Because of their foresight, on May 28, 1949, Central New Jersey became one of the original 14 clubs.  We are a part of a circle of friends now known as The Links, Incorporated, which has grown to 288 chapters. With gratitude, we reflect upon our rich legacy that began with our charter members. 

From the spring dances held at the Greenbrier to tonight’s celebration, our fundraising focus has been to enrich the lives of others.  We could not have accomplished all that we have without you and we are thankful for your financial support! Your support has helped us to expand our reach and broaden the scope of our programming and services in the counties that we serve.  We continue to hold true to the values and vision of our charter members and share in the current vision of creating transformational programming that impacts communities. 

Co- Chairs Yvonne Russell-Mann and Monica Weeks and the committee members have worked diligently to plan an elegant celebration that includes dinner, dancing and opportunities for giving.  Well done! Congratulations to J. Mary Nelson, Honorary Chair, for 36 years of leadership, friendship and service.  A heartfelt thank you is extended to every member for consistently giving your time, talent and resources to foster the work of the chapter.

As we prepare to enter a new decade and consider the times in 1949, let us all be inspired to strengthen our partnerships and do even more to empower our communities. 

With appreciation,


Jennifer White-Reid

President – Central New Jersey (NJ) Chapter

The Links, Incorporated